Saturday, September 17, 2016

Run away with me...

I am crazy, mental some days, out of my mind but that’s me, I have come to accept myself as I am, craziness and all.  I do however make mistakes, some I cannot take back and some I am happy I made for the life lesson I learned from it.

The difficult thing about me is that I life with my heart on my sleeve, I am either all in or nothing at all.  There are no grey areas in my life.  Its been that way with everything I have ever taken on.  If I think of how I do business then I kind of realise how I would be in my personal life too.  When I want something I go all out to get it, I don’t always care of what is in my way or how it impacts others, I have a goal in mind and need to achieve the impossible.

Recently there have been a lot of successful love stories posted on social media and me being a complete romantic, I always read it and wish I could be in their shoes.  I am fully aware of the fact that only “fools rush in” BUT and yes it’s a very big BBBBBBUUUUUUTTTTT why not?  Who made the rules? Think about it, in life we do things based on how others tell us to do things and yet when I decided to go against what was deemed “normal” and become friends with my ex-husband and his future wife, it turned out to be a success.  There are no manuals, no written rules, just what we guard ourselves against and what we hide from. 

A dear friend of mine recently got married at the spur of the moment, they met 6 months ago in a foreign country, fell in love, waited for marriage before they were intimate and wanted to so badly live happily ever after that they ran off to City Hall in New York and just did what they wanted to do.  I almost feel like I sometimes live in the wrong era, I should’ve lived in the 60’s or something.
One thing that I can be sure of is that I will not stop praying and believing that God has someone special in mind for me, someone who will accept me for all my craziness and just want to have me around forever.

Fairytales happen everyday, they are there not just for little girls but for woman who still hold the dream in their hearts that Prince Charming is on his way, he may not have a white horse or stay in a castle, gosh he doesn’t even have to be a prince, he just needs to fight the dragon and win the heart of the princess.

One day we will run off and live happily ever after....

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